Providing to the bettErment of Society

We are in a society which gives so much to us. At NSP, we strongly believe that it is our duty to contribute and give back to this society. We achieve this through a number of our green initiatives and encourage others to follow suit.

Energy Saving through utilizing Solar Energy Solar Energy is an ultra clean, natural and a sustainable source of energy. On the global front, utilization of solar energy is encouraged for the betterment of our planet. The emissions of carbon dioxide by constant use of fossil fuels are largely contributing to the global warming crises faced by our planet. Solar energy is a far better substitute which saves the environment and contributes to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Use of Solar Energy and heat pumps for Water Heating
  • Maximum use of Daylight to reduce the Lighting Load
Rain Water Harvesting Rain water harvesting is the collection and deposition of rain water for reuse. This is beneficial in reducing the use of other natural water bodies, to gain sustainability. Rain water harvesting is a simple technique for a large gain. Water being one of the key resources for life, it is vital for everyone to contribute towards ensuring its long term existence.
  • Low Flow Plumbing fixtures used to reduce building water consumption
  • Entire terrace area to be used for Rain Water Harvesting
  • Using STP at site to reduce potable water consumption
Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Manufacturing of materials and products takes a certain toll on the environment. Naturally, production cannot be stopped altogether, however it can be minimized by following the principle of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. If everybody can apply this principle, it will largely serve to the betterment of our planet.
  • Special Lift (Audio and Braille Assistance) for the Differently abled person for the ease of their traveling
  • Continuous Supply of Treated Fresh Air in each area by a Heat Recovery Unit to maintain IAQ
  • Segregated Waste bins (Dry and Wet) at each floor as a part of Waste Management Program
  • 50% of the construction material used from manufacturing units within range of 400 km
  • 5% of the entire parking space to be dedicated for the Electrical Vehicle and its charging
  • State of art building management control system for Energy Optimization
  • Use of Low VOC materials to provide hygienic indoor environment
  • Smoking being strictly prohibited inside the Building premises
  • Use of energy efficient Air-conditioning units (CFC Free)